Investment Bars

ZLATARA MAJDANPEK GOLD REFINERY Investment Bar products range from standard bars to specialized designs for football clubs, banks, and production of pendants, chains, traditional world gold and other customer specific designs.

These products are available from a range of precious metals; gold, silver and platinum. The demand for other precious metals within the sector like palladium and rhodium are also provided from this department.
Gold Current Account

Gold Current Account  is an account type that is opened for an indefinite term to valorize your accumulated savings as gold.
- You can use this account for saving or storage purposes.
- You can perform purchase and sale of gold any time you wish.
- Minimum transaction limit is 0.01 gram.
- The stored gold is preserved as 995/1000 carats.
- A certificate is issued in return for the stored gold.
- You can use the gold in Gold Current Account to issue Gold Cheques, to do Gold Transfers,Gold certificate to receive it as grams of gold from Zlatara Majdanpek or branches and to open an Gold-to-Gold Participation Account.


MONEY BOX (MB) is the electronic money, which developed as investment instrument for daily use.

Equal to 0,01 gr bullion gold. Saves bullion gold physically in bank and give financial services for daily and long term usage virtually in its system.

MB has the ability of resistance against to economically strong countries currencies.

Money Box is the virtual banking system that provides all countries residence users to make their banking facilities within a safe, fast, without cost and easy way.


For national economy, Money Box is created for to resist of nations currency against to economically stronger countries currencies. Economically strong countries currencies provides dependency on the economically weak countries individuals and companies for to use their currency at international trade. This dependency occurs for economically of weaker countries to loose their currencies value. First aim is to broke down this dependency and spread usage of MB.
The MB, which physically accumulates gold bullion in the bank account, provides a financial service to the user in its own system.MB has the ability to resist the currencies of economically powerful countries as it is produced on the basis of gold bullion