Who we are
Zlatara Majdanpek Gold Refinery is a joint-stock company established in 1969 in order to carry out gold refining and minted gold bars production in Serbia. The primary market of our company for the minted gold bars production is the Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland etc.) China Russia India that proves the high quality and acceptance of Zlatara Majdanpek products in all world. Our company has adopted the principal of introducing the European standards into domestic and International markets by reasons of the potential of growing competition and the lack of quality products and services in all markets.
Saska 130 Majdanpek SERBIA
Our  philosophy
The continuation of the Company’s reputation on the market and the competitiveness of other precious refineries are basically dependent on the demands and wishes of our costumers and business partners. Despite lack of infrastructures regarding to gold trade in gold market, our fundamental goal is to serve in every sense to gold market obtaining supplementary services in accordance with the company policy rather than simply produce and sell our products.
Head Office
Cara Dusana 96 Belgrade - SERBIA
Zlatara Majdanpek Gold Refinery
First Gold Bullion HALLMARK Trademark Registration
Zlatara Majdanpek Gold Refinery
Majdanpek Sports Arena Sport Clubs
Basketball , Voleyball , Handball
Playing national league organization U18
Zlatara Majdanpek Gold Refinery
Sponsor Olimpic Games
Registered Olimpic Comittee Medals Sarajevo - Los Angeles
First Trademark Registration USA
U.S. Department of Commerce,
Patent and Trademark Office,
1999 Trademarks, 1224. Tome2